Weird electrical behavior in house

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Weird electrical behavior in house

Indlægaf johntimber » 25/07/2018 12:45


Our house has experienced some weird electrical behavior over the past week. Every now and then (about four times total, twice one day, twice a few days later), power will go out in about half the house. Not a blink, but a 30-second long outage. What's strange is that the whole house is not losing power: the kitchen, dining room and bedroom will lose power, but the living room and basement will not (I can't comment on the upstairs rooms. Even stranger, the kitchen and bedroom are on opposite sides of the house, with the living room in between, so it's not even as if one side of the house is losing power. All of the rooms that are losing power are on different circuits (and, indeed, the kitchen is on three circuits by itself, all of which lose power), but no breakers are tripping.This is a fairly new house (it will be 5 years old this summer), and we've never had any electrical problems with it before.So far, I've come up with two possible explanations:1) Some problem in the breaker box wiring. Is it possible that a bunch of circuits are ganged together before they split out into their separate circuits at the breaker box? Maybe one of those groups is getting disconnected?2) Poltergeist.Any thoughts, Lounge? How worried should I be (i.e., should I call an electrician immediately before my house burns down, or can I wait until next week)?

Please help.

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